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Dura-Light Hubs®
Easy-Roll™ Brake Drums
NEW! CR-ABS™ Rotors
The industry standard when it comes to lightweight hubs for trailers and axles.

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Affordable and durable, these drums are tested to FMVSS-21 standards.

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Our latest corrosion-resistant ABS rotors for medium-duty applications.

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Experience the Walther EMC Difference!

The Walther name has a long history in wheel-end products. Over 100 years ago, George Walther revolutionized the industry by developing the first steel wheels for trucks. Steel was a dramatic improvement over the existing iron and wood wheels.
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Since that time, the Walther family has been a leader in the heavy-duty, wheel-end industry. Improvements in technology and engineering have allowed Walther EMC to remain the recognized leader in delivering products such as truck hubs, braking rotors, big brake calipers, brake drum assemblies, axle hubs and more.
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Our focus has always been based upon reliability, affordability and the long-term savings offered to our valued clients. When you buy a wheel-end product from Walther EMC, it is a guarantee that you are buying the best!

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