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Easy Roll HubsThe Walther name has a long history in wheel-end products. Over 100 years ago, George Walther revolutionized the industry by developing the first steel wheels for trucks. Steel was a dramatic improvement over the existing iron and wood wheels. Since that time, the Walther family has been a leader in the heavy duty wheel-end industry.

Today, Walther EMC is the largest manufacturer of light-weight trailer hubs in North America with over 1,000,000 Dura-Light Hubs™ serving the heavy trailer industry.

Easy-Roll Hubs™ and Easy-Roll Drum™
Features & Benefits:

  • Fits the industry-standard tapered “N” trailer spindle
  • Easy-Roll Hubs™ are machined in one operation, virtually guaranteeing perfect alignment of bearing bores, seal bore, and brake drum and wheel mounting surfaces. This contributes to the extended lives of tires, seals, brake drums and bearings
  • Easy-Roll Hub™ and Easy-Roll Drum™ assemblies are the lightest standard ductile iron hubs/brake drums in the market – offering lower rotational inertia to help reduce fuel consumption, greater carrying capacity and a savings of up to 26 pounds per axle
  • Easy-Roll Hubs™ have the largest oil capacity for standard ductile iron or aluminum hubs. Our 20.88 fl-oz versus 15 fl-oz capacity leads the industry, thus extends the life of bearings and seals
  • The interior and exterior of all Walther EMC hubs are E-coated for 1,000 hours of salt spray protection (compare to 50 hours in competitive offerings). This process yields the cleanest oil cavities in the industry
  • All Walther EMC hubs are warranted for the Life-of-the-Vehicle
  • Our hubs and drums are certified through third-party testing to be Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 121 (FMVSS-121) compliant
  • Walther EMC hubs and drums meet or exceed OEM and SAE standards
  • Walther EMC is a TS-16949 registered company

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