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Dura-Light Hubs®

The Preferred Hub for 2″ Offset wheels & Wide-based, Single Tires

Evolution Dura Light HubsIn keeping with Walther EMC’s heritage of bringing innovative products to our customers, we have been busy making the industry’s lightest hubs even lighter!

Our engineers have used the latest technology to optimize the hub designs – enabling us to eliminate material where it is not needed. This provides the ideal amount of material in the critical areas, giving you optimal performance.

The five-pilot geometry of our Dura-Light Hubs® reduces stress concentrations in the critical areas. The end result is a lighter hub that is even stronger than our previous generation.

Dura-Light Hub® Features & Benefits:

  • Low cost
  • More freight capacity for entire trailer life; helps offset recent increases in tractor weight
  • Improved fuel economy – lower rotational inertia
  • No future costs to maintain weight savings; i.e. high replacement cost of light-weight brake drums
  • Trailer more valuable because light-weight (resale)
  • Life-of-the-Vehicle Warranty
  • Weight reduction without trailer life compromise
  • Utilizes industry standard components – bearing cups, seal, hub cap and hub cap bolts
  • Utilizes industry standard procedures for maintenance
  • Virtually impossible to strip hub cap bolt hole threads
  • Industry-leading lubricant capacity extends bearing and seal life
  • No Aluminum Hub Maintenance Risks

Evolution Dura Light Hubs

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Technical Sheet for Dura-Light Hubs® for P Trailer Axles
Technical Sheet for Dura-Light Hubs® for N Trailer Axles

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