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Dura-Light Hub® and Rotor Assemblies

The Perfect Balance of Weight, Functionality, and Value

We’ve been at it again!  This time we’ve set our sights on bringing superior value to air disc hub and rotor assemblies with our new Dura-Light Hub® and Rotor Assemblies for trailer applications.

Our engineers have used the latest technology to optimize the hub designs – enabling us to eliminate material where it is not needed in the hub. We used a portion of this weight savings to put extra material in the rotor to resolve common field complaints with competitive products.  Our simple construction which utilizes the wheel bolts for attaching the rotor eliminates rotor retention concerns and optimizes heat flow to keep your seals, bearings, and lubricant running cooler!  Our patented CR-ABS™ tone ring attachment system reduces ABS tone ring retention and corrosion issues!

Dura-Light Hub® and Rotor Features & Benefits:

  • Superior Heat Management Reduces Heat Input to Seal, Bearings, and Lubricant
    • Larger rotor mass
    • Longest conductive path
    • Smaller cross-sectional area for heat transfer
    • Dura-Light material – Lowest thermal conductivity
      • Dura-Light = 21 W/m°K
      • Ductile Iron = 32 W/m°K
      • Aluminum A356 T6 = 151 W/m°K
  • CR-ABS™ Patented Tone Ring Attachment System (United States Patent Numbers 7,780,367 & 8,584,815)
  • Simplicity / Ease of Maintenance
  • Rotor affixed to hub using wheel bolts (aka the Strongest Joint on the Vehicle)
  • Wheel bolts can be serviced without removing hub from vehicle
  • Low Cost
  • More freight capacity for entire trailer life; helps offset recent increases in tractor weight
  • Improved fuel economy – lower rotational inertia
  • Weight reduction without trailer life compromise
  • Utilizes industry standard components – bearing cups, seal, hub cap and hub cap bolts
  • Virtually impossible to strip hub cap bolt hole threads
  • Industry-leading lubricant capacity extends bearing and seal life
  • No Aluminum Hub Maintenance Risks
  • Indestructible Hub pilots
  • E-coated inside and out (cleanest cavity)
  • No heat to service cups

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